Accurate metadata harvesting from author-supplied Word files

eXtyles Arc Metadata Extraction uses intelligent document analysis to replace time-consuming, frustrating, and error-prone manual metadata entry with seamless automated metadata collection.

Trained on thousands of real-world documents, eXtyles Arc Metadata Extraction is built to handle whatever authors can throw at it. Save editorial time, speed up production workflows, improve metadata accuracy, and boost the discoverability of your content with eXtyles Arc!

Simplify the submission process

Article title, author names, affiliations, abstract, keywords, and bibliographic references are extracted from unstructured Word files and converted to richly tagged JATS XML. This metadata can then be ingested into the submission system alongside the manuscript file to auto-populate the form fields for these elements. No more data-entry errors, no more fields left blank, no more slow and frustrating submission experiences!

See how Aries Editorial Manager has integrated this technology to improve the submission experience in this video:

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